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RT Strobe 7000 LED / RheinTacho / RT Strobe 7000 LED Stationary Stroboscope


RT Strobe 7000 LED

High-performance stationary LED-stroboscope with powerful light output and homogenous illumination for XXL-web width.Due to the configuration with 200 high-performance LEDs, the Rheintacho STROBE 7000 LED offers powerful light intensity. The large, homogeneous illumination surface delivers superb results even at difficult light conditions, making the RT STROBE 7000 LED suitable for a very wide range of measurement, observation and inspection functions. It is especially suitable for demanding applications, such as those in the printing industry. With an adjustable flash duration and adjustable light intensity, the Rheintacho Strobe 7000 LED will easily find the most optimal setting for sharp images at every application. The stroboscope can be controlled directly by the trigger signal of the existing system without the need for additional control units or by various external control devices. When using these trigger options simultaneously, it is possible to easily alternate between the signal inputs by using the switch on the reverse side of the stroboscope. With this feature it is also possible to switch to solid light when the machine is at standstill.


Rheintacho RT STROBE 7000 LED Brochure

Rheintacho RT STROBE 7000 LED Manual


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