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  • Rheomat R120 Rotational Viscometer

    Viscometer for automatic viscosity measurements according to the DGK method. Rheomat R 120 is easy to handle and measures speedily and accurately. The digital display allows easy reading of viscosity.

    Fill the measuring system and start th...

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    Supplier: proRheo

    Model No: Rheomat R120

  • Rheomat R140 Rotational Viscometer

    The proRheo R 140 is a rotational viscometer for the measurement of viscosity with any commercially available measuring system. The Rheomat R 140 combines the attributes of ease of handling with the quality of measurement necessary for the exact d...

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    Supplier: proRheo

    Model No: Rheomat R 140

  • Rheomat R180 Portable Viscometer

    The Rheomat R 180 is both a portable and “stand-alone” rotational viscometer based on well-established principles of operation. It is unique for it’s ease of use and wide measurement range. All relevant rheological parameters are shown simul...

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    Supplier: proRheo

    Model No: Rheomat R 180

  • Covimat 205 DC Viscometer

    The Covimat 205 is a proven viscometer, that when integrated within the manufacturing process- can measure the viscosity of a liquid, 24 hours a day - 365 days a year. It delivers the data without wasting time, resources and any of the product its...

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    Supplier: proRheo

    Model No: Covimat Viscometer

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