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VectorPro Lite

VectorPro™ Lite is dedicated software for storing basic test routines for use with the Mecmesin dV range of force and torque test stands as well as with a range of Mecmesin digital instruments. It acquires data from force and torque sensors, performs calculations on the data, and passes data and results to export, file or report.

Operational sequences (or test routines) are easily constructed by drag and drop, and subsequent editing includes version control. Attributes, or tags, for any kind of test can be created and used flexibly in order to best describe and record their purpose, for clarity and ease of use.

VectorPro™ Lite can also be used with a range of Mecmesin digital instruments for load/torque vs time graphing, data acquisition, and results calculation.

Mecmesin VectorPro Lite Software Brochure
Mecmesin VectorPro Lite Software Manual

Mecmesin MultiTest dV Test Stand with VectorPro Lite Software - Video by Mecmesin

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