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LPP 1000 / LR-Cal / Pressure Test Pump +1000bar


LPP 1000

The pressure test pump LR-Cal LPP 1000 is used to generate pressure for checking, adjusting and calibrating mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments by comparative measurements. These pressure tests may be carried out in laboratories, workshop or on site at the measuring point.

If the instrument to be tested and a sufficiently accurate reference measuring instrument are connected up to the test pump, the same pressure is applied to the two measuring instruments when the pressure test pump LR-Cal LPP 1000 is operated. By comparing the two measure valuses at random pressure values, the accuracy can be verified or the instrument under test can be adjusted.

Despite its compact dimensions, the pressure test pump LR-Cal LPP 1000 is easy to operate and allows for exact generation of the required test pressures The LR-Cal LPP 1000 is fitted with a fine adjustment valve for a precise adjustment of pressures.

The reference instrument is screwed directly on the top of the pump and the unit under test is connected by means of the connection tube incorporating an adapter 1/4" BSP female thread (freely rotating), contained in the scope of delivery.


Pressure Test Pump +1000bar LPP1000 Brochure

Pressure Test Pump +1000bar LPP1000 Operating Manual

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LR Pressure Instruments - Pressure Calibration Overview Brochure

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