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LPC 200 / LR-Cal / Electronic Pressure Calibrator


LPC 200

The LR-Cal LPC 200 offers a precision pressure calibration system, suitable also for use on site, portable. The LR-CalLPC 200 also opens up other helpful applications, e.g. recording of pressure curves (logging function), and leak testing (pressure rate function). These useful functions can be easily activated or deactivated by pressing the respective keys.

A factory certificate of calibration for each reference sensor certifies the total uncertainty of the measuring chain. Alternatively, on request, a DKD/DAkkS calibration certificate can be supplied.

Using the optional LPC-Cal software, the logged data, stored in the LR-Cal LPC 200, can be transferred to a PC via an USB connection, where it can be stored in an MS-Excel file for documentation and further evaluation. In addition, LPC-Cal offers the possibility of PC-supported calibration of pressure measuring instruments using the LR-CalLPC 200.

Electronic Pressure Calibrator LPC200 Brochure

Electronic Pressure Calibrator LPC200 Operating Manual

LR Pressure Instruments Portable Pressure Calibration LPP-KIT Brochure

LR Pressure Instruments - Product Overview Brochure

LR Pressure Instruments - Pressure Calibration Overview Brochure

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