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C660B / LabThink / Leak and Seal Strength Tester



C660B Leak and Seal Strength Tester is designed for the leakage tests of packages for food, drugs, medical instruments, household chemical products, cars, electronic components, stationeries and other industrial products. The instrument also can be used to test seal performance of specimens after falling and compression tests


Multiple Test Modes & Intelligent Statistics of Qualified Specimens

  • Negative pressure method
  • Multiple test modes including standard, multi-grade vacuum and methylthiodine chloride mode
  • Automatic test with traditional methylthionine chloride
  • Vacuum degree, test time and infiltration time can be adjusted and test parameters can be saved automatically so that the tests with same test parameters can be started quickly
  • Automatic constant pressure compensation ensures that the tests can be performed under preset vacuum conditions
  • Real-time display of test curves, easy to observe the test results possible with software
  • Automatic statistics of qualified specimens
  • Main components and parts are supplied by well-known global manufacturers, with guaranteed performance
C660B Leak and Seal Strength Tester Brochure

LabThink C660B Leak and Seal Strength Tester Product Video

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