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Type 2152A - Capacity up to 35kN / Kistler Staiger Mohilo / Servo Press Joining System - NCFS


Type 2152A - Capacity up to 35kN
Kistler Staiger Mohilo

For Joining operations of up to 25 kN, where space is limited, the Kistler NCF-S is the ideal Servo Press System. Its unique V-shaped design with drive motor on the side allows a pitch between Servo Press station as little as 70 mm. Fitted with dual range Piezo Force sensors the Kistler NCF-S is particularly suitable for valve seat and valve guide assembly in engines. The Kistler NCF-S has a repeatability of 10 micron, an overload capacity of 10 times its nominal capacity and is installed in a robust steel housing.


Kistler NCF-S Press Fit Module 2152B Brochure

Kistler Staiger Mohilo NCF Press Modules Overview Brochure


Servo Press Joining System

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