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Falling Dart Impact Testers / MECMESIN / Mecmesin Falling Dart Impact Testers


Falling Dart Impact Testers

The Mecmesin MEC-FD Falling Dart Impact Tester range is designed to measure the impact resistance or toughness of plastic films in compliance with ASTM D1709 and ISO 7765 free-falling dart Methods A and B.

The machine is available in 3 different versions, each supplied with all the relevant weights and darts required to perform one or both Methods, using the ‘standard’ (staircase) or ‘alternative’ techniques. Additional weight sets and darts are available to test a wide range of film materials to the the industry standards, or to internal bespoke requirements.
Versions with manual or pneumatically-operated sample clamping and dart release are available. The pneumatic versions also feature a drop counter.


Mecmesin Falling Dart Impact Testers

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