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LDM 80 / LR-Cal / Pressure Calibrator and Data Logger


LDM 80

The digital reference test pressure gauge and data logger LR-Cal LDM 80 is featured with an outstanding long-term stability. It is perfect for reference pressure measurements, for testing and calibration purposes.Together with pressure test pump LR-Cal LPP 40 and LR-Cal LPP 60 (pneumatic) as well as LR-Cal LPP 700 and LR-Cal LPP 1000 (hydraulic) it is ideal for mobile use on site. Together with the pressure comparison pumps LR-Cal LSP (spindle pumps/bench) it is perfect for use in workshop or laboratory, for pressure up to 2000 bar.

This instrument is not only just measuring the applied pressure, but also the medium temperature. The data logger function stores up to 60,000 values (60,000 pressure values or 30,000 pressure values plus 30,000 temperature values). The operator can select out of 10 different common pressure units, the display resolution is programmable, as well as a digital filter (for stabilisation of fluctuating pressure values). This makes the pressure calibrator and data logger LR-Cal LDM 80 ideal for any test and calibration tasks.

A small storage and carrying case with custom foam insert, an USB connection cable, a charger for the internal battery is included in the scope of standard delivery, as well as a traceable certificate of calibration (factory certificate).

The pressure calibrator and data logger LR-Cal LDM 80 is fitted with an USB interface by standard. Optional a version with WIRELESS data transmission is available as well as a version with pressure switch test functionality.


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