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Load Cells

S-Beam 'Smart' Transducer

The S-Beam provides an economical solution to general force measurement applications. Dedicated fixtures can be fitted via threaded holes.Range from 1N to 25kN. Plugs directly into a Mecmesin AFTI (Advanced Force & Torque Indicator) or Me...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

Model No: S-Beam

GICAM Loadcells

Gicam, (Italy) provides a range of specialised load cells for industrial and weighing applications. Gicam load cells are renowned for their durability and robustness. Specialised load cells include roll and Pulley measurement systems as well as load ...
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Supplier: GICAM

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TehloTest 4000 Head Load Tester

SI Instruments has continued its innovation in the Wine Industry with the all new TehloTest 4000 - the all-in-one edition of the long proven Head Load Tester used in wineries throughout Australia. Measuring the head load of capping machinery is no...

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Supplier: SI Instruments

Model No: TehloTest 4000

Pinch Sunroof & Window Force Tester

FM 200 is an electronic system to measure and evaluate the closing force of car system like sunroofs, windows, doors and gates etc. User is the automotive industry. The components of the system are: Sensor FM 200 - Sensor Electronic-Box SEB2 - PC-...

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Supplier: DriveTest

Model No: FM200

EasyPlot Graphing Software

EasyPlot Software is a simple, yet powerful software program for logging, plotting and analysing force and torque data. For use with force or torque gauges, EasyPlot provides a cost-effective solution to acquiring graphs and performing further ana...

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Supplier: SI Instruments

Model No: EasyPlot

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