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LDM 70 / LR-Cal / Digital Test Pressure Gauge



LDM 70

The display is continuously rotatable so that a clear readability is garanteed even in unusual installation positons. The LR-Cal LDM 70 can be operated menu-driven via three push buttons. Besides showing information about the nominal pressure range as well as minimal and maximal pressure of the process, several pressure units (PSI, bar, mbar, mWC, inHg, cmHg, mmHg, kPa, MPa) and the position of the decimal point can be set. The instruments zero and span can be calibrated, the LR-Cal LDM 70 can be set to factory default values via menu.


Digital Test Pressure Gauge LDM 70 Brochure
Digital Test Pressure Gauge LDM 70 Operating Manual
LR Pressure Instruments Portable Pressure Calibration LPP-KIT Brochure
LR Pressure Instruments - Product Overview Brochure
LR Pressure Instruments - Pressure Calibration Overview Brochure

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