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Vortex-xt / Mecmesin / Touch-Screen Controlled Torque Stand



A versatile new touch-screen controlled torque tester, the Vortex-xt brings quality control measurement straight to the point of manufacture. The machines simple set-up means manufacturers can test clockwise and counter-clockwise torques of packaging components, such as the application and release torque of screw closures, with merely two clicks of the touch screen interface. Utilising colour-coded results, the large, clear display enables very easy identification of pass/fail sample conformance.


Mecmesin Vortex xt Touch Screen Controlled Closure Torque Testing Brochure

Mecmesin Vortex-xt Reference Manual

Mecmesin Assembly and Installation of the MultiTest-xt and Vortex-xt System Test Stands


Mecmesin MultiTest-xt Touchscreen - Video by Mecmesin

Mecmesin Vortex xt Torque Tester - Video by Mecmesin

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Mecmesin Vortex-xt Semi Automated Syringe Tester - Video by Mecmesin

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Using a Barcode Scanner with Mecmesin Test Stands

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