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Orbis / Mecmesin / Cap Closure Torque Tester



The Mecmesin Orbis Top Cap Closure Torque Tester has been specifically designed as a high-accuracy, portable instrument for measuring clockwise and counter-clockwise torques on bottles and caps, suited to both laboratories and production environments. The Orbis is an affordable digital tester featuring clear intuitive controls, high sampling rate electronics to allow accurate clockwise & counter-clockwise peak torque capture, and is mains or battery powered. It features a rugged, water resistant case (rated to IP 54) and covers the testing range from 0 to 6N.m(


Mecmesin Orbis Closure Torque Tester 2008-Current Manual

Mecmesin Closure Torque Testers Brochure


Mecmesin Orbis Product Overview Video - Video by Mecmesin

Mecmesin Orbis Closure Torque Tester

Mecmesin Mandrels for Improved Torque Measurement - Video by Mecmesin