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The Mecmesin Advanced Force Gauge is an easy to use, high specification force gauge, used to measure force in both tension and compression. Comprising 10 different models ranging from 2.5N up to 2500N, the Advanced Force Gauge provides an impressive accuracy of +/-0.1% of full scale.This is a particularly versatile instrument that can be hand held or mounted on a test stand. For added flexibility the Advanced Force Gauge is able to recognise data from a wide range of external 'Smart' force and torque transducers


Mecmesin Digital Force Gauges Brochure

Mecmesin AFG Advanced Force Gauge 2008-Current Manual


Mecmesin Advanced Force Gauge

Mecmesin Advanced Force Gauge - Video by Mecmesin

Mecmesin Advanced Force and Torque Indicator AFTI - Video by Mecmesin

Mecmesin Advanced Force Gauge on MultiTest dV Test Stand

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