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Mecmesin has launched their series of hand held force and torque gauges based on the new Vector Operating System. The Vector OS offers unparalleled flexibility in operation of the new Force and Torque gauges, with high resolution and internal sampling rate. Please check out the new Mecmesin VFG Force Gauge and the Mecmesin VTG Tornado Closure Torque Tester.
Since its inception, Mecmesin has been on the forefront of technology with hand-held force gauges, bringing out the first model with fully integrated mechanical load cell overload protection, the first to integrate bi-directional digital communication and the first to introduce feedback control to motor control test stands – to name a few. The new Vector OS is providing Mecmesin with a springboard into complete new fields of operation that are not possible with conventional Force and Torque gauges. We are very excited about this new development which cements Mecmesin’s global market leading position.
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mecmesin and in particular Dr. Patrick Collins and his Product Development team for truly bringing hand held Force and Torque gauges to a new level.