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The complete range of Mecmesin Closure Torque Testers is available in Australia and New Zealand through SI Instruments.

Closure Torque Testing is a measure of the torque force required to either apply or remove a cap or lid on a container. This is frequently a two stage measurement. If the cap is tamper- evident: slip torque and bridge torque is measured. If the closure is child-resistant, a concurrent measure of downward load applied must also be made. Correct performance of container closures is always quality-critical, and in many cases it is safety-critical.

Benefits of Closure Torque Testing include:
• Ensuring the proper functioning of closures e.g. openability
• Ensuring the integrity and safety of products
• Reducing material costs and achieving lean manufacturing goals
• Compliance with industry standards

Mecmesin’s top-of-the-range Vortex-i Computer controlled torque testing system gives optimum testing performance and evaluation options, enabling you to get the most from your test measurements.
• Controlled via advanced software
• Create sophisticated test programs
• Perform in-depth evaluation of results
• Ideal for R&D or Quality Control Laboratory
• Range of capacities up to 10N.m

Vortex-xt Touch-Screen controlled torque testing systems enable fast and efficient testing on the production floor.
• Easy-to-use touch screen interface with quick test selection
• Program, store and evaluate tests on one system
• Easy-to-use - one button launches test
• Stand alone system - no PC required
• Range of capacities up to 10N.m

The entry-level Vortex-d Motorised test stands are a cost-effective solution for straightforward torque tests.
• Digital display of speed and angle
• Simple to operate
• Combines with Mecmesin's digital torque display, AFTI
• Combines with data acquisition software for additional test evaluation options
• Rugged design suitable for factory floor
• Range of capacities up to 10N.m

For testing small rotary components and manual closure torque testing, Mecmesin have a range of digital torque testers including:

Tornado Digital Torque Tester
• Tamper-evident closure testing
• On-board memory; up to 500 readings
• Pass/fail alerting
• Versatile mounting table
• Range of capacities up to 10N.m

Orbis Digital Torque Tester
• Compact, portable and robust
• Clockwise and counter-clockwise digital torque capture
• Simple to operate
• Versatile mounting table
• 0 - 6N.m capacity
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