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A versatile new PC controlled torque tester, the Vortex-i  is now available in Australia and New Zealand through SI Instruments. The Vortex-i brings quality control measurement straight to the point of manufacture.
The machine’s simple set-up means manufacturers can test clockwise and counter-clockwise torques of packaging components, such as the application and release torque of screw closures.
The Vortex-i is designed for R&D as wells routine measurements, providing users with detailed results data, as well as reporting capabilities, if required. Users have the choice of viewing a graphical ‘live’ display of the test for observational purposes, or multiple test results in tabulated form, to begin making comparisons and, subsequently, to evaluate them in more depth with a choice of calculations.
Password protection allows ‘administrators’ to alter test set-up and template design, thereby avoiding any accidental changes to programmable functions.
With a selection of models rated up to 10Nm, the Vortex-i completes Mecmesin’s range of 3 motorised torque testing systems, which includes the basic Vortex-d and the tablet PC driven Vortex-Xt test system.
The Managing Director of Mecmesin, John Page, says: ‘Our goal is to make routine sample checks as easy as possible. We realise manufacturers want to make instant, time expedient checks on their products before shipment. The Vortex-i maintains a strong focus on R&D applications. Adding versatility, this motorised torque tester can also be programmed, for those occasions where special one-off test routines are needed.’

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