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Mecmesin is pleased to release their new Texture Analyser FTA 2.5 i. The FTA 2.5 i, available in Australia through SI Instruments, is based on the Mecmesin MultiTest 2.5 i, the 2.5 kN test centre for tension and compression. The FTA 2.5 i is controlled by Mecmesin’s Emperor software, directly connected to the testing centre to control the machine and capture the data. The FTA 2.5 i can be pre-programmed for routine testing as well as R&D testing.
In depth and advanced routines can be programmed and the analysing part of the software enables in-depth analysis of food texture properties such as chewiness, firmness, hardness and softness of food products.
Special probes and fixtures, such as the Kramer Shear cell, Dough and Gluten test cell and a variety of accessories are available for all food products.

More Information on the Mecmesin Food Texture Analyser


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