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RheinTacho, through its Australian distributor SI Instruments, has released the EchoTach hand-held non contact optical tachometer for checking rotational speeds quickly and accurately.
It features a measuring range of 1 – 60,000 rpm, is light-weight and pocket-sized and is designed and manufactured in Germany. The red LED light beam is reflected by a reflection mark fixed on the equipment to be measured. The result can be read from up to 450mm distance and at a very wide angle. The device is very resistant to extraneous light due to the use of a very bright LED and matching optical system.
The large LCD makes the measurement easy to read. The last measurement is stored for 30 seconds, giving plenty of time to note the rpm results. The EchoTach then shuts down, conserving batteries.
The EchoTech is extremely durable, features a two year warranty, has a total weight of 147g including batteries and is comfortable to carry in hand or pocket.

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