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Mecmesin is pleased to release their new Texture Analyser FTA 2.5 i. The FTA 2.5 i, available in Australia through SI Instruments, is based on the Mecmesin MultiTest 2.5 i, the 2.5 kN test centre for tension and compression. The FTA 2.5 i is controlled by Mecmesin’s Emperor software, directly connected to the testing centre to control the machine and capture the data. The FTA 2.5 i can be pre-programmed for routine testing as well as R&D testing.
In depth and advanced routines can be programmed and the analysing part of the software enables in-depth analysis of food texture properties such as chewiness, firmness, hardness and softness of food products.
Special probes and fixtures, such as the Kramer Shear cell, Dough and Gluten test cell and a variety of accessories are available for all food products.

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RheinTacho, through its Australian distributor SI Instruments, has released the EchoTach hand-held non contact optical tachometer for checking rotational speeds quickly and accurately.
It features a measuring range of 1 – 60,000 rpm, is light-weight and pocket-sized and is designed and manufactured in Germany. The red LED light beam is reflected by a reflection mark fixed on the equipment to be measured. The result can be read from up to 450mm distance and at a very wide angle. The device is very resistant to extraneous light due to the use of a very bright LED and matching optical system.
The large LCD makes the measurement easy to read. The last measurement is stored for 30 seconds, giving plenty of time to note the rpm results. The EchoTach then shuts down, conserving batteries.
The EchoTech is extremely durable, features a two year warranty, has a total weight of 147g including batteries and is comfortable to carry in hand or pocket.

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Tiedemann Ring Loadcells, manufactured for more than 60 years and available in Australia from SI Instruments, offer high precision instruments for mechanical force measurements of tensile and compressive forces. The capacity of the Ring Loadcells range from 50 N to 200 kN.

These Ring Loadcells are used where measurements may allow only minimal length changes as well as in locations where there is little room for the measuring instrument. Applications include R&D, quality and manufacturing control, high-precision measurements in mechanical engineering and vehicle manufacturing e.g. in test stands for brakes, in machinery and transport equipment. Other applications include the measurement of cable tension on overhead wires, as an extension would lead to an increase of slack span. 

The Ring Loadcell consists of a special shaped elastic steel ring attached with two facing drawbar eyes and pressure seats. A load on the ring leads to a slight deformation, which is measured with a precise dial gauge. These Loadcells use no power or batteries, are intrinsically safe and can be used in hazardous areas.

 The indicator on Tiedemann Ring Loadcells can be set in such a way that it displays the maximum force in one measuring run. This is of advantage for fast processes and during experiments where reading of scale is difficult or not possible.

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 S.I. Instruments have developed the Pool Fence Testing Kit, containing key components necessary for testing the strength and rigidity of pool fences, outlined in Australian Standard 1926.1-2007. AS 1926.1-2007 provides guidelines for testing requirements designed to ensure young children cannot gain unsupervised entry to the fenced area around a pool.

Included in the Pool Fence Testing Kit is a 500N Analogue Force Gauge. It is easy to use, easy to read, and simplifies the setup of the test. The highest reading is shown until manually cleared and there are no batteries, ensuring the gauge works every time. The ergonomical cradle allows the Analogue Force Gauge to be operated with two hands, allowing for more efficient testing.

Also supplied is the cone according to AS 1926.1-2007, which has been manufactured to the specified size from HDPE to reduce weight. Adjustable strapping ensures the cone can be easily positioned in the centre of the fence openings. The minimum force these openings must withstand is 150N. 

The compression plate is attached to the opposite end of the same gauge, eliminating any change-over time. It is designed for the testing of structural components, which must withstand an initial minimum force of 250N, and after inspection 330N. The compression plate is rubber-padded to prevent damage to the fence.

 The complete kit is supplied in a durable and rugged carry case.

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With up to 300,000 flashes per minute, the Rheintacho RT STROBE pocket LED, available in Australia and New Zealand through SI Instruments, provides light emission of 1500 Lux @ 6000 FPM @ 20cm.The quartz accuracy of the control function ensures absolute flash precision. The objectives of "maximum light yield" and "homogenous surface illumination" are ideally implemented in the development of the optical assembly. Cutting-edge, ultra-high performance LEDs and intelligent control electronics play a key role in achieving this.

Suited for both R&D - for testing and controlling the behaviour of materials, adhesives, composite materials etc. at high speeds  and General Machinery for setting up, monitoring and quality assurance as well as diagnosis of systems in operation.

Adjustable settings of the Rheintacho RT STROBE pocket LED include the duration of the flash, both absolute and relative (Shorter flash duration = sharper image; longer flash duration = stronger illumination), flash frequency and duration independently of each other and delay period and phase shift between the internal trigger signal and the flash.

The ergonomically and functionally optimized housing with integrated protective holster fulfils the requirements of protection class IP65. This means the RT STROBE pocket LED is extremely well protected against dust and water jets.

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