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Spring and Bellows Testing

Advanced Force Gauge

The Mecmesin Advanced Force Gauge is an easy to use, high specification force gauge, used to measure force in both tension and compression. Comprising 10 different models ranging from 2.5N up to 2500N, the Advanced Force Gauge provides an impressi...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

Model No: AFG

Budget Lever Operated Test Stand

The ValuTest-L, combined with a Mecmesin Basic Force Gauge(BFG) or Compact Force Gauge(CFG ), is a simple and low cost solution for repetitive tensile and compressive testing in the production area or in laboratories. It is ideal for simple pull-o...

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Model No: ValuTest-L

Lever Operated Test Stand

The LCP/S high precision, lever-operated test stand has been designed to facilitate testing on a repetitive basis to 500N capacity.(such as testing springs or other resilient components).Optimum accuracy is achieved by adjusting the setting of the...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

Model No: LCP/S

Touch-Screen Controlled Test Frame

The MultiTest-xt is suited to most routine production and Quality Control testing. If your needs change, it can be upgraded to use test programs written with Mecmesin’s powerful Emperor™ Software with a large selection of analysis options. The...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

Model No: MultiTest-xt

Mecmesin Precision Torque Tester

Mecmesin's Helixa Torque Tester provides the ideal solution for measuring low and medium torque variations on a variety of delicate or finely-engineered products. Its sensitivity and precise alignment make it suitable for testing high quality asse...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

Model No: Helixa

OmniTest Universal Testing Machine

The OmniTest™ range comprises four bench-mounted, static load testing machines allowing tensile and compressive forces to be applied to a wide variety of material properties, specimen configurations and test types. All frames feature excellent r...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

Model No: OmniTest

Nemesis Rockwell Hardness Tester

As defined in ISO 6508 & ASTM E-18, the Rockwell test is the most commonly used hardness test method. It is generally easier to perform, and quicker than other types of hardness testing methods.
The Rockwell method measures the permanent...

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Model No: Nemesis

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