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Pharmaceutical and Medical

Mecmesin Medical Device Testing Brochure

In this brochure you will find an overview of Force and Torque testing solutions for Medical Device applications. Typical testing Solutions include insertion, penetration and extraction force testing; Syringe plunger actuation testing; Penetration...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

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OmniTest Universal Testing Machine

The OmniTest™ range comprises four bench-mounted, static load testing machines allowing tensile and compressive forces to be applied to a wide variety of material properties, specimen configurations and test types. All frames feature excellent r...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

Model No: OmniTest

Touch-Screen Controlled Test Frame

The MultiTest-xt is suited to most routine production and Quality Control testing. If your needs change, it can be upgraded to use test programs written with Mecmesin’s powerful Emperor™ Software with a large selection of analysis options. The...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

Model No: MultiTest-xt

Servo Press Joining System - NCFT

The NC joining module NCFT Type 2157B... with integrated  piezoelectric force sensor for two predefined measuring ranges of 0,05 ... 1,5 kN is excellent for use in assembly and joining processes monitored by force displacement.
An absolu...

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Supplier: Kistler Staiger Mohilo

Model No: Type 2157B - Capacity up to 1.5kN

Mecmesin Precision Torque Tester

Mecmesin's Helixa Torque Tester provides the ideal solution for measuring low and medium torque variations on a variety of delicate or finely-engineered products. Its sensitivity and precise alignment make it suitable for testing high quality asse...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

Model No: Helixa

EasyPlot Graphing Software

EasyPlot Software is a simple, yet powerful software program for logging, plotting and analysing force and torque data. For use with force or torque gauges, EasyPlot provides a cost-effective solution to acquiring graphs and performing further ana...

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Supplier: SI Instruments

Model No: EasyPlot

Vortex-dV Motorised Torque Stand

The Vortex-dV is a versatile and affordable torque testing system, comprising a precision-controlled motorised stand with a choice of torque transducers, an AFTI digital torque display and data capture unit, and a range of grips and fixtures. This...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

Model No: Vortex-dV

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