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Rotaro / RheinTacho / Rotaro Handheld Tachometer



This compact device has two measuring methods. One is optical, and therefore non-contact; the other is mechanical using an adapter and various probes. The non-contact method uses a precise beam of light together with a piece of reflective tape affixed to the rotating element to accurately measure its rotational speed. The result appears immediately on the 5-digit LCD. The distance between the tachometer and the test object can be up to 600 mm. The other method permits the user to connect a mechanical adapter that accepts a variety of contact probes, as well as a surface speed wheel, for precise measurement of contact RPM or surface speed and length.


Rheintacho Hand-Held Tachometers Brochure

Rheintacho Rotaro T Tachometer Manual


RheinTacho Rotaro Hendheld Tachometer