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  • Falcon Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

    The Vickers hardness test method, also referred to as a microhardness test method (ASTM E-384, E92 and ISO 6507), consists of indenting the test material with a diamond indenter. This indenter has the form of a pyramid with a square base and an an...

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    Supplier: INNOVATEST

    Model No: Falcon

  • EcoTach Tachometer

    The EchoTach is a durable, hand-held non contact optical tachometer for checking rotational speeds quickly and accurately. It features a measuring range of 1 – 60,000 rpm, is light-weight and pocket-sized and is made in Germany. The red LED ligh...

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    Supplier: RheinTacho

    Model No: EcoTach

  • Hand Held Stroboscope qbLED

    The extremely bright, hand-held stroboscopes comprising the RT STROBE qbLED range are unrivalled in terms of brightness, operation and technology. These extremely robust and precise hand-held stroboscopes are used to conduct measurements in diffic...

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    Supplier: RheinTacho

    Model No: qbLED

  • Rotaro Handheld Tachometer

    This compact device has two measuring methods. One is optical, and therefore non-contact; the other is mechanical using an adapter and various probes. The non-contact method uses a precise beam of light together with a piece of reflective tape aff...

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    Supplier: RheinTacho

    Model No: Rotaro

  • RT Strobe LED Stroboscope

    RT STROBE pocket LED. The ultimate high-performance LED-hand stroboscope. Super fast. Super bright. Super sealed. Worldwide most powerful handheld stroboscope with LED-technology. For heavy duty application (protection class IP65) and ultra-fast m...

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    Supplier: RheinTacho

    Model No: RT Strobe

  • Mechanical Precision Hand Tachometer

    Avaliable in 2 models with a Measuring Range of up to 10,000 rpm (HTM100M) or 50,000 rpm (HTM500M), the RheinTacho Mechanical Precision Hand Tachometer can be used anywhere rotational speed or length or linear running speed needs to be measured. (...

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    Supplier: RheinTacho

    Model No: HTM100 / HTM500

  • Shotcrete Tester

    Mecmesin’s Shotcrete Penetrometer provides accurate readings of forces required to penetrate sprayed or poured concrete during the first three hours of curing, giving a reliable indication of compressive strength and curing progress. Its accurac...

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    Supplier: Mecmesin

    Model No: Shotcrete Tester

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