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Food Processors

EasyPlot Graphing Software

EasyPlot Software is a simple, yet powerful software program for logging, plotting and analysing force and torque data. For use with force or torque gauges, EasyPlot provides a cost-effective solution to acquiring graphs and performing further ana...

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Supplier: SI Instruments

Model No: EasyPlot

Budget Lever Operated Test Stand

The ValuTest-L, combined with a Mecmesin Basic Force Gauge(BFG) or Compact Force Gauge(CFG ), is a simple and low cost solution for repetitive tensile and compressive testing in the production area or in laboratories. It is ideal for simple pull-o...

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Model No: ValuTest-L

Fruit Penetrometer

Fruit hardness is the universally accepted measure of fruit ripeness. The fruit Penetrometer accurately measures fruit hardness by measuring the force required to push a plunger tip (of a certain size) into fruit and vegetables. The GY series of P...

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Supplier: SI Instruments

Model No: FRPEN

MultiTest-dV Test Stand

Mecmesin has launched the first of a new generation of universal testers, with a focus on precision control. Its positional resolution of 0.001 mm means the MultiTest-dV offers unparalleled control even at the level of the most affordable entry-le...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

Model No: MultiTest dV

Vortex-dV Motorised Torque Stand

The Vortex-dV is a versatile and affordable torque testing system, comprising a precision-controlled motorised stand with a choice of torque transducers, an AFTI digital torque display and data capture unit, and a range of grips and fixtures. This...

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Supplier: Mecmesin

Model No: Vortex-dV

Food Texture Analyser

The TMS-Pro is a food texture analyser developed by Mecmesin and Food Technology Corporation. The TMS-Pro offers a flexible platform for measuring texture on any kind of food from soft gels up to the hardest of pallets. A wide variety of accessori...

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Supplier: Food Tech Corp

Model No: TMS-Pro

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