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Cable & Crimp Testing

  • Advanced Force Gauge

    The Mecmesin Advanced Force Gauge is an easy to use, high specification force gauge, used to measure force in both tension and compression. Comprising 10 different models ranging from 2.5N up to 2500N, the Advanced Force Gauge provides an impressi...

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    Supplier: Mecmesin

    Model No: AFG

  • Budget Direct Drive Manual Test Stand

    The ValuTest-D, combined with a Mecmesin Basic Force Gauge(BFG) or Compact Force Gauge(CFG ), is a simple and low cost solution for any tensile or compression testing application requiring a simple and inexpensive instrument. It is an ideal soluti...

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    Model No: ValuTest-D

  • Manual Direct Drive Test Stand

    The Mecmesin MDD is a rigid, manually-operated test stand, which in combination with a digital force gauge (at extra cost), allows the user to develop a cost-effective solution to a variety of tension and compression testing applications The MDD i...

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    Supplier: Mecmesin

    Model No: MDD

  • MultiTest-dV Test Stand

    Mecmesin has launched the first of a new generation of universal testers, with a focus on precision control. Its positional resolution of 0.001 mm means the MultiTest-dV offers unparalleled control even at the level of the most affordable entry-le...

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    Supplier: Mecmesin

    Model No: MultiTest dV

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