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  • Falcon Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

    The Vickers hardness test method, also referred to as a microhardness test method (ASTM E-384, E92 and ISO 6507), consists of indenting the test material with a diamond indenter. This indenter has the form of a pyramid with a square base and an an...

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    Supplier: INNOVATEST

    Model No: Falcon

  • Automotive Industry Overview Brochure

    In this brochure you will find an overview of Force and Torque testing solutions for the Automotive Industry. Whether you are a supplier to the automotive trade of components, sub-assemblies or spare parts, or an OEM brand vehicle manufacture...

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    Supplier: Mecmesin

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  • Pinch Sunroof & Window Force Tester

    FM 200 is an electronic system to measure and evaluate the closing force of car system like sunroofs, windows, doors and gates etc. User is the automotive industry. The components of the system are: Sensor FM 200 - Sensor Electronic-Box SEB2 - PC-...

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    Supplier: DriveTest

    Model No: FM200

  • Torque Wrench Calibrator

    The Mecmesin Torque Wrench Calibrator (TWC) is a versatile, easy-to-use system, which can verify the torque applied by any type of click action, break back or dial indicator torque wrench with ease. Based on the Mecmesin AFTI universal force and t...

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    Supplier: Mecmesin

    Model No: TWC

  • Mecmesin Precision Torque Tester

    Mecmesin's Helixa Torque Tester provides the ideal solution for measuring low and medium torque variations on a variety of delicate or finely-engineered products. Its sensitivity and precise alignment make it suitable for testing high quality asse...

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    Supplier: Mecmesin

    Model No: Helixa

  • Shore A & D Durometers

    Durometer Model HD3000 is the hand held model. The gauge features a full-sized non-reflective dial face for readability accuracy of 1/2 point. The durometer conforms to DIN 53505, ISO 868, ISO 7619 and ASTM D 2240. Model HD3000 offers maximum accu...

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    Supplier: Hildebrand

    Model No: HD3000

  • KiTorq System

    KiTorq System is a torque measuring flange system, consisting of the Type 455xA... KiTorq Rotor torque measuring unit and the Type 454xA... KiTorq Stator torque evaluation unit.

    The rotors and stators of the KiTorq System that have the sam...

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    Supplier: Kistler Staiger Mohilo

    Model No: KiTorq System

  • Advanced Force Gauge

    The Mecmesin Advanced Force Gauge is an easy to use, high specification force gauge, used to measure force in both tension and compression. Comprising 10 different models ranging from 2.5N up to 2500N, the Advanced Force Gauge provides an impressi...

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    Supplier: Mecmesin

    Model No: AFG

  • OmniTest Universal Testing Machine

    The OmniTest™ range comprises four bench-mounted, static load testing machines allowing tensile and compressive forces to be applied to a wide variety of material properties, specimen configurations and test types. All frames feature excellent r...

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    Supplier: Mecmesin

    Model No: OmniTest

  • EasyPlot Graphing Software

    EasyPlot Software is a simple, yet powerful software program for logging, plotting and analysing force and torque data. For use with force or torque gauges, EasyPlot provides a cost-effective solution to acquiring graphs and performing further ana...

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    Supplier: SI Instruments

    Model No: EasyPlot

  • EcoTach Tachometer

    The EchoTach is a durable, hand-held non contact optical tachometer for checking rotational speeds quickly and accurately. It features a measuring range of 1 – 60,000 rpm, is light-weight and pocket-sized and is made in Germany. The red LED ligh...

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    Supplier: RheinTacho

    Model No: EcoTach

  • Nemesis Rockwell Hardness Tester

    As defined in ISO 6508 & ASTM E-18, the Rockwell test is the most commonly used hardness test method. It is generally easier to perform, and quicker than other types of hardness testing methods.
    The Rockwell method measures the permanent...

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    Supplier: INNOVATEST

    Model No: Nemesis

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