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Mecmesin launches Vector OS based Instru…

Mecmesin has launched their series of hand held force and torque gauges based on the new Vector Operating System. The Vector OS offers unparalleled flexibility in operation of the new... Read more

Covid Vaccination Syringe Testing

Mecmesin has just released a new video promoting their automated solution for testing the Break Loose and Glide Force for Syringes, which was developed for BD, the largest global manufacturer... Read more

Featured Products

VFG Force Gauge

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The Mecmesin VFG Force Gauge is packed full of innovative features and the 5” colour touchscreen makes it easy to navigate. Just swipe or press and hold to access menus, toolbars, and settings. Available

Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System

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C230H Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System is designed and manufactured based on the coulometric sensor method (aka. equal pressure method) and conforms to ASTM D3985. This instrument can be used to

Demeq QB Hall Effect Thickness Gauge

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Demeq Hall Effect Thickness Gauges, also known as Magnetic Thickness Gauges are high precision, easy to operate instruments that are used to measure all types of non-ferrous or non-magnetic materials

RT LED Laser Pocket Stroboscope

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The new RT STROBE pocketLED LASER is the further development of the current portable stroboscopes RT STROBE pocketLED. This portable stroboscope is extended by the innovative auto-sync laser function

OmniTest Universal Testing Machine

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The OmniTest™ range comprises four bench-mounted, static load testing machines allowing tensile and compressive forces to be applied to a wide variety of material properties, specimen configurations


Popular Products

Tornado VTG Torque Tester

The Mecmesin Tornado Closure Torque Tester is packed full of innovative features and the 5” colour touchscreen makes it easy to navigate. Just swipe or press...

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Hand Held Dynamometer

The new Hand Held Dynamometer (HHD) System 01165 is an ergonomic hand-held device for objectively quantifying muscle strength.The test is performed with the clinician applying force to...

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Basic Force Gauge

The Mecmesin BFG force gauge is robust and easy to use; excellent for shop floor applications. This is a versatile instrument that can be hand held...

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Digital Hand Dynamometer

Ideal for routine screening of grip strength and initial and ongoing evaluation of clients with hand trauma and dysfunction. Sturdy aluminium body construction with scratch resistant...

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OH&S Digital Manual Handling Kit

The Manual Handling Kits, supplied with a choice of digital or analogue force gauge, is designed to measure not only the force used in physically demanding...

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RT Strobe LED Stroboscope

RT STROBE pocket LED. The ultimate high-performance LED-hand stroboscope. Super fast. Super bright. Super sealed. Worldwide most powerful handheld stroboscope with LED-technology. For heavy duty application...

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